Band Heaters
The pioneer product - still the best way to heat barrels.
Nozzle Heaters
Nozzle Heaters are capable of performance under the most adverse conditions.
Cartridge Heaters
High watt density heaters having wide range of applications.
Infrared Heaters
Short wave quartz infrared heaters are used in various industrial applications.
Strip Heaters
Often considered component heaters, are a simple way of using surface area to transfer heat effectively
Coil Heaters
Micro Coil Heater with Thermocouple is a small, linear heating element that can be formed into different shapes and configurations.
Manifold Heaters
The Flexible Tubular Heaters is Anupam’s latest innovation for Heating Manifolds in the most efficient manner.
Anupam produces top of the line temperature sensing devices also known as Thermocouples
Porcelain Heaters
Manufactured from high temperature bearing insulators
Tubular Heating Elements
Custom-formed in a wide variety of shapes to correspond to your requirements.
Temperature Controllers, Timers & Counters
Anupam's introduces state of art, truly universal, powerful PID controller with inhouse design.
Anupam's Blowers normally use forward curved impellers made of galvanized steel.
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