Ceramic Die Heaters

Ceramic Die Heaters manufactured in two half’s & provided with spring loaded clamping system provides excellent grip of the heater mounted vertically. Heaters are provided with inside cover to protect against frequent dismantling of dies.


  • Blow Moulding Machine
  • Extrusion Line

Technical Specification

Resistance +10% -5% Overall Thickness 15 mm
Wattage +5% -10% Minimum Dia. 38 mm
Max. Watt Density 8 watts / sq.cm Minimum Width 25 mm
Voltage 220V AC to 480V AC Width - Normal Multiple of 15 + 6mm
Maximum Temp 800 oC Std. gap between edges 5 to 10 mm

Ordering Information

  • Select from the sketch given below in which category your heater falls to ensure no fitment problem
  • Give all necessary information preferably in millimeter
  • We are in a position to manufacture and supply Ceramic Die Heater which do not fit any of the following sketches. Kindly give us detailed sketch
  • Ceramic Die Heater
  • Ceramic Die Heater With Two Half Without Thermocouple Hole.

Legend / Technical Features / Technical Data

  • LLength Of Heater
  • WWidth Of Cutout
  • LILocation Of Terminal Box
  • TIDepth Of Cutout
  • Inside Diameter Of Heater
  • D1Degree Of Terminal Box
  • TLocation Of Thermocouple Hole
  • D2Degree Of Thermocouple Hole
  • THØThermocouple Hole Diameter
  • D3Degree Of Cutout
  • WLWire Length

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