Porcelain Heaters

Manufactured from high temperature bearing insulators,these Porcelain Heaters offered are used in various industries. The Antique Porcelain Heater contains elements that are exposed partially in air for better transmission of heat. Porcelain Heater is extensively used in ovens, tanks where draining cannot be done to change the heaters. The Porcelain Heaters offered by us are known for their high precision, performance and durability. Porcelain Heater is constructed using several refractory ceramic blocks assembled together to the required length. The Nichrome wire heating element is inserted into the ceramic blocks, with a terminal block at one end.

This assembly is then inserted into a pre-assembled special protection tube, when used in liquid immersion and gas application.  However, porcelain heaters can also be used in direct air-heating application without the protection tube.

Ceramic core element

  • The ceramic core elements consist of one or more resistive alloy coils inserted in a stack of barrels in steatite or ceramic
  • A non-heating zone is necessary so that connections are not subjected to excessive temperatures
  • The connections are usually made to threaded terminals fixed to a steatite or ceramic "head" or by copper or nickel core wires


  • The sheaths are made of steel, of stainless steel or titanium
  • They are constituted of a tubular body with a bottom welded. Different attachment accessories can be welded on the other side to fix it to the frame . (Flange, screw plug, etc)
  • Other materials are possible as Teflon®, Pyrex®, porcelain, according for corrosion requirements


  • The ceramic core elements can be equipped of a terminal box
  • We can offer brass terminal strips and electric cables for high temperatures to assure the electric connections
  • We can offer temperature sensors, thermostats, or regulators to pilot the heater
  • Temperature sensors are generally inserted in a separate thermowell welded on the same flange than the sheath or equipped of a threaded bushing


  • Offers a large area to heat liquids or semi-solid materials like wax, fats, oil and bitumen
  • Suitable for indirect heating of gases and liquids, where it is inserted into a pocket or protection tube in the process tank, wherein, it can be repaired or replaced without draining the process tank
  • Wide range of lengths, voltages and power is available to meet customers’ specific requirement


  • Simple and low-cost installation
  • Ease of maintenance and repair
  • Energy efficient as 100% of heat generated is within the solution


  • Not inserted in a sheath, the ceramic core element will be able to heat non-inflammable gas or massives métal parts
  • Fitted in a pocket, it will heat liquids with an important surface of exchange. The replacement of the heater wil not require to drain the installation
  • The material of the pocket will be selected fonction of the heated fluid
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