Micro Coil Heaters with Thermocouple

The Micro Coil Heater with Thermocouple is a small, linear heating element that can be formed into different shapes and configurations. Also known as a Hot Runner Heater for its extensive use in Hot Runner Systems, the Micro Coil Heater with Thermocouple is a high performance heater which allows high wattage in a limited space.

The ability to shape a Hot Runner Heater when cold enables it to heat up parts with different shapes. During coiling, the gap between turns of coil can be modified to compensate for the heat losses at each end of the coil or to insert the heating element into slots.

The Micro Coil Heater with Thermocouple has a larger cross-sectional area and is thus capable of greater power than smaller Micro Coil Heaters. For this reason the Hot Runner Heater is used in hot runners with adequate space and where high heat densities are required. This Micro Coil Heater can accommodate type “J” or “K” thermocouple sensors.

Since the measurement point of a built-in thermocouple is situated in the Hot Runner Heater and never where the heat is actually required, our Micro Coil Heater with a thermocouple makes particular sense where the application allows the use of larger processing temperature or where the installation location or the design requires protection against overheating. The standard connection for our Micro Coil Heater is a 1000 mm PTFE-insulated lead wire with Fiberglass sleeve with protective earth conductor lead.


The Micro Coil Heaters feature precision wound parallel coil elements fusion welded to nickel cold pins.  The element assemblies are embedded within high purity Magnesium Oxide Insulation and encased in Stainless Steel metal sheath. This Hot Runner Heater is swaged to the final rectangular, square or round cross-sectional dimensions to compact the internal core and High Purity insulation to near theoretical density. This high density construction maximizes heat transfer and dielectric properties and provides the high level of reliability and performance required for even the most demanding of applications.

The Hot Runner Heater is annealed after manufacturing, thus acquiring a high malleability that allows their being subsequently bent into any complex shape, with extremely narrow bending radius.


  • Blow Moulding Machine
  • Extrusion Machine
  • Hot Runner System
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Thermoforming Machine

Standard Cross Sections (mm)

- - 3.3 4 -
- - 3 x 3 4 X 4 -
1.8 X 3.2 2.5 X 4.2 - 4 X 6 4.6 X 8.6

Adaptor Exit Options

Axial Exit - Top & Side View

Radial Exit - Top View

Tangential Exit - Front View

Tangential Exit - Top View

Standard Straight Length (for Section 2.5 x 4.2 mm)

Sr.No Power @ 230 V Heating Length (mm) Cold Length (mm)
1 250 W 280 45
2 330 W 400 50
3 400 W 510 50
4 470 W 600 50
5 500 W 620 50
6 550 W 720 50
7 650/700 W 840 50
8 750 W 1020 50
9 850 W 1150 50
10 1000 W 1400 50
11 1100 W 1650 50
12 1200 W 1800 50
13 1300 W 1950 50
More sizes available on request

Lead Wire

Armour Cable

Braided Metal Sleeve

Fiberglass Sleeve

Speciifications and Tolerances

Wattage ± 10 %
Max. Sheath Temperature 750 ° C / 1380 ° F
Insulation Resistance ≥ 5 MΏ at
500V (DC)
Length Tolerance ± 5%
Thermocouple Type J / K
Diameter Tolerance ± 0.15 mm
Max. Voltage 250 V
High Voltage Test 800 V (AC)
Max. Surface Load 15 W/sq. cm or 100 W/sq. inch
Max. straight Length 2500 mm
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