Coil Heaters with Stainless Steel & Brass Casted Covers

Characteristics of our Inner Outer Sleeve Coil Heaters are easy mounting and variable heat distribution. Because of its direct touch and tolerance fit, the Inner Outer Sleeve Coil Heaters allow a very good heat transmission to the nozzle. The Coil Heating Element when used with the Inner & Outer Sleeves increases the maximum surface load capacity.

In all our Inner Outer Sleeve Coil Heaters, the assembly of a thermocouple is possible to carry out a controlled temperature measurement. The Inner Outer Sleeve Coil Heaters are recommended for bigger diameters and power. The Inner and Outer Sleeves protect the Coil Heaters from Mechanical Damages. The Inner & Outer Sleeves can be delivered for a lot of Coil Heating Element dimensions.

The Coil Heating Element is available with an option of using either Brass or Stainless Steel sleeves. The Coil Heating Element can be encased only on outer surface or both on the Outer & Inner Surfaces for more protection from Mechanical Damages.


  • Blow Moulding Machine
  • Extrusion Machine
  • Hot Runner System
  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Thermoforming Machine

Technical Specification

Wattage ± 10 %
Max. Sheath Temperature 750 ° C / 1380 ° F
Insulation Resistance ≥ 5 MΏ at
500V (DC)
Length Tolerance ± 5%
Thermocouple Type J / K
Diameter Tolerance ± 0.15 mm
Max. Voltage 250 V
High Voltage Test 800 V (AC)
Max. Surface Load 15 W/sq. cm or 100 W/sq. inch
Max. straight Length 2500 mm

Standard cross sections *(MM)

- - 3.3 4 -
- - 3 x 3 4 X 4 -
1.8 X 3.2 2.5 X 4.2 - 4 X 6 4.6 X 8.6
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